Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Hi people!!
My name is Ron and i am 18 years old. I am a medical college student studying to become a doctor. Well i am my parents only child.
Life is fine for the moment except for some regular tensions. i have a girlfriend and i love her very much. V live very close to each other but the only problem is that i study at a place far away and so am not at home for nearly 2 weeks or more than that. I miss my gf very much during this time.But i have to get used to it.
Medical study is very taxing. It takes too much out of me. But i love every moment of it. sice i was a child i wanted to become nothing but a doctor. I also have some family members who r docs.
Right now i am on a vacation- diwali vacation.
Todays day wa fine. I went out to Anu didi's place who is the youth advisor of my church. We have d youth sunday u c. I went with my girlfriend and there v met all our friends. V discussed bout a play v r gonna set up and u know wut- my gf and i play brother-sister in it!! that made vani laugh so much!! in d evenin i went out with some of my coll friends. Actually i just wanna avoid all my friends for some time. Dont know why, but i just need some time alone 4 myself. Anyone can plz tell me why?? I feel depressed bout nothin suddenly without any reason. I guess i'm too stressed out.