Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lovely Pune!

Hi everyone,
Howz u? Well me came bak frm karad on sat 2 celebrate Easter n decided 2 stay 4 a week.It was such a spontaneous reaction.I jus needed a break frm tht place i guess.Well i met up wit Kartik-He had come frm Bangalore n we had quite a nice time-went 2 school n met all our teachers after such a long time! They r still d funny bunch they always were. Then i also saw "Being Cyrus". Actually a fine movie. Lemme tell d story-It has Saif Ali Khan who's a pottery student and comes 4 training to Mr Sethna (played by Naseeruddin Shah) n lives with him and his wife(Dimple Kapadia) whos constantly flirting with Sehtna is a bit crazy- Wut d hell-his ntire family is crazy-he's got a scardy-cat bro(Boman Irani) n his wife is a beautiful young girl(Simone Singh). Now Dimple n Irani r having an affair behind Mr. Sethna's back.Now Dimple plots 2 kill her father-in-law n Simone Singh so that she n Irani can have d ntire property n she can ditch mr.Sethna n they can get married. But fate has other plans n to get to d climax- Saif n Simone r siblings n de hav plotted d ntire thing-de implicate dimple in d murders of her father-in-law when she has done nothin. I knw my story telling skills arent that good but d movie itself wasnt great. Will let u guys know bout ne other movies i c. tak care, Chao


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