Saturday, September 30, 2006

Changing times...

Hello ppl..i know its been quite a long time since i posted nethin..And frankly so much had changed in my life since then..Well isnt this wut life is about? Change.. So d name of my Blog also refers to this ongoing change called Life..
Sometimes v really dont want things to change..But i do believe that there is One above us who is far more superior and who controls us like puppets. How many times have we felt as if things are going just great and nothing could be better when immediately the next moment or the next day some incident totally changes your mood and maybe the course of your life.And there are times at which we feel why-why do I have to go through all this? Why me? and why now? But I firmly believe that these changes are temporary. When God closes one door He always opens another. And one should never forget that. Losing hope in times of despair is one of the biggest mistakes a person can make. Hope in one's own self and more over in the One far superior above. It gives a sense of security however abstract the thought of a superior being can be. And even if one dosent have faith in God the least one can do is never give up.
" Don't quit when the tide is the lowest
For its just about to turn
Don't quit over doubts and questions
For there is something you may learn
Don't quit when the hill is the steepest
For your goal is almost nigh
Don't quit for your not a failure
Until you fail to try "

Life's bound to catch you when you are the least prepared. Thats just how it goes. The key is to keep your cool and never give up .


At 10:34 PM, Blogger sanat said...

Change is the only thing in the world thats constant. Yeah we all have a bit of inertia when it comes, especially a big change, but then-.............. such is life.


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