Friday, October 20, 2006


Ok people lets deal with this important n very confusing topic- HAPPINESS. Well what is happiness exactly? The dictionary says Happiness is joy, pleasure, good-fortune. But is it only limited to these 3 things?
Why do so many of us feel unhappy even when we have all the worldly pleasures, all the success that we ever wanted in our lives and the good-fortune to lead a life that would be the envy of others? What is that feeling which makes us go "Uggghhh!!!" time and again..
Is happiness only about worldly pleasures? Agreed that the worldly pleasures are a really important component of being happy. But these pleasures give only momentary happiness and nothing else. They do make our lives easier though. Does success in life make one happy?? Well maybe. But why do we still feel unsatisfied deep down even after achieving our goals? Is it because now there is nothing else left to achieve? Or is it that we found happiness in the struggle we had to go through to achieve that goal? So does struggling in life make us feel happy? However we crib about having to go through all the suffering when we are struggling... So we come back to my original question- what really makes us happy? Rather what makes us feel satisfied?